The world’s largest event dedicated to the educational, technical, and scientific advancement of ultraviolet (UV) and electron beam (EB) technologies.

Conference Program

Tuesday, May 10

8:00 AM – 10:00 AM EST

1A: Structural & Flexible Electronics

Electrons In, Electrons Out: Electron Beam for Battery Production
Sage Schissel, PCT Ebeam and Integration
Zhijia Du, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

UV Curable Resins for Use in Structural Electronics
Jonathan Shaw, allnex USA Inc.

Dielectric Performance of UV-Curable Piezo-inkjet resins for Dielectric coating applications
Donald Herr, Sartomer

Hot Lithography – High precision 3D printing of flame retardant photopolymers for the electronics industry
Christian Gorsche, Cubicure GmbH

1C: Introduction to the Basics of UV/EB Curing

Introduction to the Basics of UV/EB Curing
Dr. Mike J. Idacavage, Radical Curing, LLC

Challenges and Opportunities for UV+EB Curing in Energy Storage Applications

11:00 AM – 11:45 AM

Panelists include:

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    Rujan Kamar
    CEO @ Ateios Systems

    Paul Snowwhite
    President at 7D Innnovators
    Karl Swanson
    President – PCT Ebeam and Integration
    Oliver Hamann
    Director Of Operations at Miltec UV
    Radlaunch Presentations

    12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

    • High Performance Battery Components, Alteios Systems
    • Protective Coatings for Inner Tubes and Cylinders, Polytechnic University of Turin/ELIXE SRL
    • Volumetric 3D printed Dental Aligners, Vitro3D
    • Custom Boli for Radiation Therapy, Centre for the North BC Cancer
    • Disappearing 4D Advanced Materials, Whytneigh R. Duffie, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology

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    11:00 AM – 1:00 PM EST

    2A: Regulatory

    Regulatory compliance requirements for RadTech industry products
    Shannon Gainey, Danimer Scientific

    Truth and Clarity on Mercury Regulation in UV Curing
    Jennifer Heathcote, GEW, Inc.

    In-situ analysis of the presence of a photoinitiator after curing
    Natasha Banke, INX International Ink Company

    TSCA Updates
    Shannon Gainey, Danimer Scientific

    2B: Chemistry & Molecular Design

    irected Network Structure Through Controlled Radical Photopolymerization
    Huayang Fang, University of Iowa

    Effect of Ionic Liquid on Photopolymer Nanostructure Retention within Lyotropic Liquid Crystalline Templates
    Alexandros Kotsiras, University of Iowa

    Controlling Oligomer Structure to Direct Photopolymer Network Morphology
    Tanner Grover, University of Iowa

    3:00 PM – 5:00 PM EST

    3A: Sustainability

    Improving Recyclability of Paperboard Packaging with Decorative Coatings
    Brian Green, WaveFront Technology

    How To Sustainably Create Recyclable Packaging Through The Use Of Electron Beam Curable Inks In The Printing Process
    Im Rangwalla, Energy Sciences Inc.

    High Performance 3D Printing Utilizing New Sustainable (Meth)Acrylates
    Sean Des Roches, RAHN USA Corp.

    Green Chemistry/Sustainability and UV/EB materials
    Shannon Gainey, Danimer Scientific


    a-Methylene-g-Butyrolactones Monomers Yielding High Tg, Optically Clear Polymers
    Jonathan Kendall, Alkemere, L.L.C.

    Latest innovations in photoacid generator technology
    Mike Wyrostek, Hampford Research

    Alberdingk®LUX 104 – A Robust, Amine-free UV PUD with Excellent Stability and Performance
    Laurie Morris, Alberdingk Boley

    AeroLED, UV LED Made Simple
    Jennifer Heathcote, GEW (EC)

    UV is a Process – How to successfully engage and implement a UV Project
    Michael Kelly, Allied PhotoChemical, Inc.

    VMOX – BASF’s new Reactive Diluent for UV Inks and 3D Printing
    Dr. Raj Sundar, BASF Corporation

    A New Liquid Photoinitiator for LED Curing
    Dr. Richard Plenderleith, Arkema-Sartomer Americas

    Allnex wetting and dispersing radiation curable additive developments. Ready to use, samples available for evaluation
    Marco Bachler, allnex

    Turning Regulatory Challenges Into Customer Victories

    3:00 PM – 3:45 PM

    With the growing imperative across our economy to address sustainability, regulatory questions, and supply chain issues, the new RadTech Energy Curing Users Resource Group members will discuss interpreting regulatory directives and appropriate perspectives from which to address regulatory and sustainability questions from companies, and federal and state regulators.

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    Michael Gould
    RAHN USA Corp.

    Rita Loof

    Shannon Gainey
    Danimer Scientific
    Spark Tank: Ignite New Ideas

    4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

    The Spark Tank is an opportunity for the UV/EB community to learn more about our young and early-career professionals, while also allowing industry veterans to give advice.

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    What is it?

    The Spark Tank is a special session at RadTech 2022 where the UV/EB community will learn more about our young and early-carerr professionals, while also allowing industry veterans to give advice.

    How does it work?

    Young Professionals (YP) will give a three minute presentation about themselves, their goals, and what they’re interested to a pandel of UV/EB industry veterans. The YP will also have the opportunity to ask the panel of industry veterans a question. We expect this to be a conversational exchange exchange where the YPs and industry veterans learn more about each other. If time permits, the audience will also be able to ask questions.

    How can I ignite (present)?

    Email Mickey Fortune to sign up. Please send your name, company/organization, and a short title to summarize what you will talk about. This can be something about you, something you’re interested in — really, just anything to get the audience interested in you. Space is very limited.

    When is the Spark Tank?

    The Spark Tank takes place on Tuesday, May 10, from 4:00 – 5:00 PM in the exhibit theatre on the show floor at RadTech 2022. All are welcome to attend.

    Wednesday, May 11

    8:00 AM – 10:00 AM EST

    4A: Next Level Formulations I

    Monomer impact on Optical Fiber Coatings
    Bruce Fillipo, Ashland

    Achieving Ultra-Low Gloss Coatings Through Oligomer Design and Technology
    Marcus Hutchins, Allnex

    Strategies towards sustainable UV solutions with reduced hazard and reduced migration potential
    Richard Plenderleith, Sartomer

    The Synergistic Effect of combining Aminofunctional Materials with Type I Photoinitiators
    Camila Baroni, IGM Resins

    4B: Analytical

    Performance Optimization of 3D Printed Parts Using Real Time Stress Imaging
    Paul Share, Advanced Materials Design

    Introduction to the Characterization of UV and UV-Polyurethane Dual-Cure Coating Reactions by FTIR Spectroscopy
    Issei TAKAHASHI, Mitsuichemicals.Inc / University of Haute Alsace

    4C: Introduction to the Basics of UV/EB Curing

    Introduction to the Basics of UV/EB Curing
    Dr. Mike J. Idacavage, Radical Curing, LLC

    The Future of Additive Manufacturing Materials

    11:00 AM – 11:45 AM

    Panelists include:

    presented by

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    David Walker
    Co-Founder of Azul 3D
    Maximilian Zieringer
    Materials Lead at Formlabs
    Eric Pallarés García
    Co-founder & CTO, BCN3D Technologies
    Charlie Wood
    Senior Director of Research & Development at Fast Radius
    Vince Anewenter
    Director – RPC Consortium Milwaukee School of Engineering
    Pratik Shah
    Global Product Director, Adaptive3D Technologies

    12:00 PM – 12:45 PM

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    Panel Description:  

    The Role of Government in Additive Manufacturing Panel will provide an open forum to discuss current government engagements in additive manufacturing for suppliers, equipment manufacturers, and end users.  The panel will draw on experience and plans of experts supporting guidance, regulations, standards, and commerce developments in additive manufacturing with photopolymer applications a focus.   The desired outcome is to provide relevant government program updates for businesses and manufacturers supporting additive manufacturing and recommendations for overcoming challenges for future developments.


    Diane Poster, PhD

    Material Measurement Laboratory, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

    Cameron Miller
    Research Chemist, Optical Radiation Group, National Institute of Standards and Technology

    Maxim Shusteff
    Group Leader, Materials Engineering and Biomanufacturing, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 

    Treye Thomas
    Lead Toxicologist and Program Manager, Chemicals, Nanotechnology, and Emerging Technologies, Consumer Product Safety Commission

    Kevin Carr
    Chief Executive Officer, FloridaMakes

    11:00 AM – 1:00 PM EST

    3:00 PM – 5:00 PM EST

    6A: Next Level Formulations III

    6B: Specialty Applications

    UV/EB Laminating Adhesives for Food Packaging Applications
    Jeremy Yatvin, ALLNEX USA INC.

    UV and Peroxide Curable Structural Adhesives
    Jonathan Shaw, allnex USA Inc.

    Photografted zwitterionic hydrogel coatings to decrease biofouling and friction on implant biomaterials
    Adreann Peel, University of Iowa

    Designing a UV LED Curing System for Optical Fiber, Wire & Cable Applications
    Eric Nelson, Heraeus Noblelight America


    Mike Higgins, Phoseon Technology

    OmniCure S2000 Elite – Next Generation Lamp-based UV Spot Curing System
    Roy Kayser, Excelitas Technologies

    eXede Expectations with Low Energy High Production X-ray
    Karl Swanson, PCT Ebeam and Integration, LLC

    Evyron™ / Curalite™ Ox
    Jenny Klevås, Perstorp AB

    Greener days are here to stay – with PureLine™
    Camila Baroni, IGM Resins, Inc.

    Daicel – The Best Solution for you

    Overview: Gigahertz-Optik UV Curing Radiometric Instrumentation
    Bob Angelo, Gigahertz Optik

    New Chemistries to Enhance Properties in Photocure Applications
    James Goodrich, Miwon North America, Inc.

    Is UV+EB Sustainable? Join us on the road to the circular economy

    3:00 PM – 3:45 PM

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    Todd Fayne
    Associate Director, Global Snacks R&D, Pepsico
    Nikola Juhasz
    Global Technical Director, Sustainability, Sun Chemical
    Jonathan Graunke
    Vice President, UV/EB Technology
    Assistant R&D Director, INX International Ink Co.
    Andrew Mitchell
    Senior Research Engineer, Printpack
    AJ Buran
    President, GOpak Flexibles
    UV Rocks! Fender Guitar Reduces Cycle Time with UV Curing

    4:00 PM – 4:45 PM

    RadTech is getting the band back together for a panel discussion to discuss our UV+EB Technology Magazine article by Jim Raymont of EIT. INPRO Technologies of Frederick, Maryland, organized and led a “UV Band” of equipment suppliers, UV suppliers (sources, coatings, measurement), integrators and even a regulatory specialist to help Fender Musical Instruments Corporation add UV curing to one of its processes. The conversion to UV provided several benefits to Fender including:

    • Reduced cycle time
    • Reclaimed floor space, which in the past was dedicated to the 24-hour air cure
    • Less work in process (WIP) inventory
    • Fender is considering similar UV systems for other applications and production lines.
    • Special thanks to Fender Guitars for working with us to tell us their story.
    • Join us in Orlando to meet our band and hear their story of implementing an exciting new UV Process!

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    Thursday, May 12

    8:00 AM – 10:00 AM EST

    7A: Additive Manufacturing I

    High Temperature Additive Manufacturing Materials
    Neil Cramer, Sartomer

    Photopolymer resins for 3D printing
    Jennifer McClung, ALLNEX, USA

    Novel Resins for 3D printing: Comparison, Performance and Properties
    Paul Snowwhite, 7D Innovators

    Additive Manufacturing of Novel Surface-Eroding, Non-Swelling Anhydride Resins
    Whytneigh Duffie, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology

    7B: Building Materials

    Hurdles and Solutions to Matting of UV Wood Coatings
    Hossein Riazi, Evonik Corporation

    Structured Urethane Acrylates in LVT Applications
    Elaine Ruiz, Sartomer

    Waterborne UV PUD for Wood and Beyond
    Marcus Hutchins, Allnex

    7C New Product Debut III

    Denamer 1220: An Aliphatic Alternative to Bisphenol A Epoxy Acrylate
    Jeremy Smith, Nagase America
    Reactive Flame Retardants in UV
    Michael Kiehnel, BCH

    Maximizing Power Density in UVA LEDs
    David Nowak, Luminus

    High-Dose & Multi-Wavelength Curing
    Jonathan Fore, AMS Spectral UV

    11:00 AM – 1:00 PM EST

    8A: Additive Manufacturing II

    Additive Manufacturing for Production: Are we there yet??
    Vince Anewenter, Milwaukee School of Engineering

    A uniform calibrated light engine for fundamental photopolymer additive manufacturing
    Jason Killgore, NIST

    Additive Manufacturing Post Process Washing Impact on Properties and Disposal
    Paul Snowwhite, 7D Innovators

    8B: Scratch Resistance/Protective Coatings

    Resins for Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) – Enabling Differentiation through Product Performance
    Marcus Hutchins, Allnex

    Leading the Way With Dual Cure Technology
    Chris Baumgart, Red Spot Paint and Varnish

    Visible Light Cured Fluorine-containing Polymers Exhibit Robust Thermal Stability and Remarkable Hardness
    Tatyana Tarasevich, SFluor Inc

    2:00 PM – 4:00 PM EST

    9A: Global Market Overview

    European Market Overview
    David Engberg, Perstorp AB

    North American Market Overview
    Susan Bailey. Michelman

    Reliable Market Data Resources – Development, Usage and Limitations
    George Fuchs, NAPIM

    The Tactile Report Overview: Photopolymer Additive Manufacturing Market Trends and Companies to Watch
    Stephanie Benight, Tactile Material Solutions